Top 10 Skyrim Bows: A Comprehensive Bow Tier List for Ultimate Archery Adventure!

Proficiency in Long-Range Weapons: Exploring the Impact of Bows in Action RPGs

In the realm of action RPGs, mastery of long-range weapons such as bows holds a pivotal role, granting players the strategic advantage of engaging foes from a distance. One game that has significantly shaped this dynamic is Skyrim, renowned for its expansive world and diverse gameplay mechanics. Among these, the utilization of bows has emerged as a standout feature, offering players an array of choices, each with distinct attributes and drawbacks.

Top 10 Skyrim Bows: A Comprehensive Bow Tier List for Ultimate Archery Adventure!
Top 10 Skyrim Bows: A Comprehensive Bow Tier List for Ultimate Archery Adventure!

The Effectiveness of Bows in Skyrim: A Game-Changer

In the vast landscape of Skyrim, the effectiveness of bows extends far beyond mere gameplay mechanics. It can be the deciding factor between triumph and failure when embarking on quests fraught with danger. Bows in Skyrim encompass various tiers of power and come endowed with special effects, a critical facet that adds depth to the game’s strategic elements.

The Strategic Advantage of Long-Range Combat

The ability to use long-range weapons not only enhances the gaming experience but also gives players an advantage tactically in the realm of action role-playing games. It may be compared to the skill of marksmanship to engage opponents from a distance, whether with a conventional yet deadly bow and arrow or a more advanced sniper rifle. Recent games like Horizon Forbidden West have highlighted the importance of archery, with Aloy’s skillful use of long-range weapons to demolish tough mechanical foes in a futuristic version of Earth serving as an example.

A Historical Perspective on Archery in RPGs

Long before contemporary games embraced the prominence of bows, the RPG genre had already recognized their value. Skyrim, a trailblazing RPG even a decade after its release, made an indelible mark by elevating bows to newfound prominence. The enduring appeal of this game is indicative of the enduring appeal of bows in the RPG realm, affirming their status as an iconic and strategic weapon type.

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Variety and Choice: Bows in Skyrim

Within the realm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players are presented with an impressive arsenal of 29 distinct bows, excluding those accessible through console commands. These bows encompass a range of efficiency levels, paving the way for diverse gameplay strategies. Each bow possesses its own set of strengths and weaknesses, some catering to vanquishing animal adversaries, while others exhibit versatility against a wide array of foes scattered across the Tamriel landscape.

Tiered Excellence: Unveiling Skyrim’s Top Bows

In the realm of Skyrim, bows are stratified into different tiers, each representing a tier of excellence. Here’s a glimpse into the hierarchy of power:

S Tier:

1. Dwarven Black Bow of Fate: Its unassuming base damage belies its potency, with a 50% chance to absorb health, stamina, or magicka upon every shot.
2. Nightingale Bow: Inflicting substantial shock and frost damage, coupled with impressive base damage.
3. Auriel’s Bow: Revered among Vampire builds, it deals triple damage to Undead enemies due to its Sun damage enchantment.
4. Dragonbone Bow: Boasting exceptional base damage, compensating for its lack of special effects.

A Tier:

1. Daedric Bow: Exemplifying aesthetics and efficiency, boasting 19-rated base damage that excels in eliminating enemies.
2. Bow of Shadows: A reappearance from earlier titles, it offers invisibility and increased arrow speed alongside its base damage.
3. Stalhrim Bow: Introduced in the Dragonborn DLC, it enhances frost enchantments and features a base damage of 17.
4. Glass Bow of The Stag Prince: Granting blessings with animal kills, augmenting health and stamina, in conjunction with substantial base damage.
5. Ebony Bow: Balanced and lethal, with remarkable draw speed, fire rate, and damage output.
6. Gauldur Blackbow: Resembling the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, it absorbs magicka with every shot, albeit to a lesser extent.

B Tier:

1. Zephyr Bow: Quick firing with a 30% arrow speed boost, compensating for moderate base damage.
2. Firinel’s End: Understated appearance, but the high Frost damage aids in wearing down foes’ stamina and health.
3. Glass Bow: A close relative of The Stag Prince, nearly as potent in base damage.
4. Nordic Bow and Bow of the Hunt: Beginner-friendly and accessible, appealing to novice adventurers.
5. Forsworn Bow and Elven Bow: Near-identical average damage capabilities.

C Tier:

1. Falmer Supple Bow and Falmer Bow: Modest in power and speed, yet accessible options.
2. Dwarven Bow and Nord Hero Bow: Comparable in power, with the latter having a slightly faster firing rate.
3. Orcish Bow and Imperial Bow: Trading power for speed, often avoided by seasoned players.

D Tier:

1. Dravin’s Bow: Unique yet ineffectual, boasting minimal base damage.
2. Angi’s Bow: Resembling Dravin’s Bow, often acquired as a prize for archery skills.
3. Froki’s Bow: Swift draw rate compensates for weaker base damage, appealing to specific playstyles.
4. Hunting Bow: Basic and outclassed by other options.
5. Ancient Nord Bow and Long Bow: Weakest choices, offering limited utility.

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Concluding Thoughts on Skyrim’s Bows

In Skyrim, the prowess of bows extends beyond their mere function as weapons. They symbolize strategic thinking, adaptability, and the profound impact that player choices can wield. The diverse hierarchy of bow tiers underscores the complexity of gameplay, where selecting the right weapon can tip the scales in favor of victory.

Skyrim’s legacy continues to influence the RPG industry as it continues to enthrall new generations of gamers on many platforms. Adventurers are encouraged to practice their archery abilities in the land of Tamriel, which is ornamented with a variety of bows, ensuring that the heritage of Skyrim remains and is felt across the game industry.


What is the best bow to make in Skyrim?

The “Zephyr Bow” is considered one of the best bows to craft in Skyrim. It offers a unique effect that increases your firing speed by 30%, making it a formidable choice for rapid shots.

What bow should I use in Skyrim?

The bow you should use in Skyrim depends on your playstyle and preferences. Some top choices include the “Dwarven Black Bow of Fate” for absorbing health, stamina, or magicka; the “Nightingale Bow” for shock and frost damage; and the “Auriel’s Bow” for its Sun damage against Undead enemies.

How do you get a good bow early in Skyrim?

An early-game option for a good bow in Skyrim is the “Hunting Bow,” which is readily available. Additionally, joining the Thieves Guild and completing quests can provide access to the “Nightingale Bow,” a powerful choice for early-game archery.

What bow has the fastest draw speed in Skyrim?

The “Zephyr Bow” is known for having the fastest draw speed in Skyrim due to its unique effect, which increases arrow firing speed by 30%.

How many FPS is fast for a bow?

In archery, FPS stands for “feet per second,” referring to the speed at which an arrow leaves the bow. A fast bow can shoot arrows at speeds exceeding 300 FPS, with some advanced models even reaching 350 FPS or more.

How to get archery to 100 fast in Skyrim?

To quickly level up your Archery skill to 100 in Skyrim, focus on consistently using your bow in combat. Engage in archery-intensive quests, such as joining the Companions or Thieves Guild. Also, use training sessions with NPCs who offer Archery training, and utilize skill-boosting gear and potions to expedite skill progression.

Is 25 too late to start archery?

No, 25 is not too late to start archery. People of various ages can take up archery as a hobby or sport. Starting at 25 can still allow you to learn and enjoy the activity, progress in skill, and engage in competitions if you wish.

Is archery hard to master?

Archery, like any skill, requires practice and dedication to master. While the basics can be learned relatively quickly, achieving high levels of accuracy, consistency, and skill refinement can take time. Patience, proper training, and continuous practice are essential for becoming a proficient archer.

What bow is best for speed shooting?

The “Zephyr Bow” is particularly suited for speed shooting due to its inherent 30% increase in arrow firing speed. This unique attribute makes it an excellent choice for those focused on rapid shots and quick engagement in combat.

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