Conquer the Unknown: A Comprehensive Guide to Skyrim’s Siege on the Dragon Cult Quest

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s “Siege on the Dragon Cult” Quest Guide

The vast world of Skyrim hides numerous side quests that offer unique rewards and challenges to the Dragonborn. One such quest, the “Siege on the Dragon Cult,” beckons players into the depths of adventure and mystery. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the quest’s key aspects, from initiation to triumph.

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How To Start The Siege On The Dragon Cult Quest

The journey begins at Forelhost, a tomb perched southeast of Riften. Upon arrival, you’ll encounter Captain Valmir at a nearby campsite. Engaging him will set the wheels of the quest in motion. Valmir will request your aid in obtaining Rahgot’s Dragon Priest mask from the depths of Fore host.

For deeper insights into Captain Valmir’s motivations, pilfer the “Valmir’s Orders” letter through a stealthy pickpocket maneuver. Alternatively, if curiosity isn’t your concern, proceed to Forelhost Stronghold using the unlocked door Valmir provides.

Conquer the Unknown: A Comprehensive Guide to Skyrim's Siege on the Dragon Cult Quest
Conquer the Unknown: A Comprehensive Guide to Skyrim’s Siege on the Dragon Cult Quest

Forelhost Stronghold

Forelhost Stronghold presents a challenge as you navigate through Draugr and Dragon Cultists. Take your time to explore each room, uncovering treasures and potions that could prove invaluable.

As you enter Forelhost Stronghold, head northwest, where three paths diverge. Opt for the right path, ascending the stairs to find Skorm Snow-Strider’s Journal, a source of optional backstory.

Venture west into the following room, passing through the southwest door. Descend and travel north toward the quest marker. Before the stairs, activate the lever on the right to unlock an entrance shortcut. Through the door at the stairs’ base lies Forelhost Crypt.

Forelhost Crypt

In the Crypt, tread carefully amidst formidable Draugr adversaries. Progress through the corridor and turn right into the southeast hallway. Navigate with caution, as danger lurks ahead.

Traverse the Draugr-laden crypt to reach a room with a northern coffin. Beside it rests a chest containing the Forelhost Well Key, your next essential item. Ascend the room, unbarring the door, and return to the crypt’s entrance. Proceed through the north door, utilizing the Well Key or lockpicking as necessary.

Navigate the well’s depths and reach a cave to face Skeevers. Continue northeast to find the Forelhost Crypt’s next section, leading to the Forelhost Refectory door.

Forelhost Refectory

Within the Refectory, forge ahead through the dining hall, avoiding the Death Bells. Ascend the stairs, creating a shortcut with a lever. Progress northwest, ascending further to discover a soul gem trap. Don’t forget to acquire the Glass Claw from the pedestal—it’s crucial for an upcoming puzzle.

Forelhost Refectory Door Puzzle Solution

Armed with the Glass Claw, unlock a sealed door by placing it correctly. Rotate the Outer Ring to a fox, the Middle Ring to an owl, and the Inner Ring to a snake. Upon solving this enigmatic puzzle, the door grants passage to the final chamber of Forelhost.

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How To Complete The Siege On The Dragon Cult Quest

Ascend the stairs beyond the Dragon Claw Door to face Rahgot, the Dragon Priest, along with Draugr Deathlords. Strategize to avoid being overwhelmed by their combined assault.

Defeating Rahgot yields his Dragon Priest mask, 250 Gold, a Dragon Priest Staff, and the Forelhost Balcony Key. This key opens the southern door, adjacent to which you’ll find a looting opportunity from a Boss Chest.

Exit Forelhost to discover a Word Wall to the south, teaching the Dragonborn a Word of the Storm Call Shout. To finalize the quest, return to Forelhost’s entrance, encountering a transformed Captain Valmir. Subdue him to claim victory over the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest.

Skyrim’s “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest encapsulates the thrill of exploration, offering unique rewards to those daring enough to traverse its challenges. Available on various platforms, including PS and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Skyrim continues to captivate players with its rich storytelling and intricate quests. Embark on this adventure to unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of Tamriel’s frosty landscape.

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FQA Skyrim’s Siege on the Dragon Cult Quest

How do you get the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest?
To initiate the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest in Skyrim, head to Forelhost, a tomb located southeast of Riften. Speak with Captain Valmir at the nearby campsite, who will request your help in obtaining Rahgot’s Dragon Priest mask from within Forelhost. Alternatively, you can simply proceed through the unlocked door he provides to enter Forelhost Stronghold and begin the quest.
Where can I find Rahgot in Skyrim?
Rahgot, the Dragon Priest associated with the Rahgot mask, can be found within Forelhost, a tomb situated southeast of Riften in Skyrim. He serves as a central character in the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” questline.
स्किरिम में रहगोत कहां मिल सकता है?
रहगोत, जिन्हें रहगोत मास्क से जोड़ा जाता है, स्कायरिम में फोरेलहोस्ट में पाया जा सकता है, जो रिफ्टन के दक्षिण पूर्व में स्थित है। वह “सीज ऑन द ड्रैगन कल्ट” क्वेस्टलाइन में एक मुख्य पात्र होते हैं।
Where is the Forelhost mask?
The Forelhost mask, specifically the Rahgot Dragon Priest mask, can be acquired by defeating Rahgot, the Dragon Priest, in Forelhost during the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest. Upon his defeat, you will be able to loot the mask from his body.
What happens when you find all the dragon priest masks in Skyrim?
When you collect all the Dragon Priest masks in Skyrim, you can place them on the respective pedestals located in Labyrinthian’s Bromjunaar Sanctuary. Doing so unlocks the opportunity to fight and defeat the spectral Dragon Priest, Konahrik. As a reward, you’ll obtain the Konahrik mask.
How do you get the Rahgot mask?
To obtain the Rahgot mask, you need to complete the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest in Skyrim. This quest involves traveling to Forelhost, defeating Rahgot, the Dragon Priest, and looting the Rahgot mask from his remains.
How do you get Dragonborn masks?
Dragonborn masks are obtained by defeating the named Dragon Priests in Skyrim’s expansion, “The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.” Each Dragon Priest drops a unique mask upon their defeat, and these masks offer various powerful enchantments and abilities.
What is the 9th Dragon Priest Mask?
The ninth Dragon Priest mask is the Konahrik mask. It is acquired by placing all the other eight Dragon Priest masks on their respective pedestals in Labyrinthian’s Bromjunaar Sanctuary. Once the masks are in place, the Konahrik mask becomes accessible, and wearing it provides unique benefits.
What is the first Dragon Priest Mask?
The first Dragon Priest mask you are likely to encounter in the main game of Skyrim is the Wooden Mask. It is found in Labyrinthian’s Bromjunaar Sanctuary and is used as part of the puzzle to access the other Dragon Priest masks.
Who is the weakest dragon priest?
Among the Dragon Priests in Skyrim, Nahkriin is often considered one of the weaker ones due to his relatively lower level and fewer abilities compared to some other Dragon Priests.
Who is the easiest dragon priest?
Vokun is commonly considered one of the easier Dragon Priests to defeat in Skyrim due to his slower pace and simpler attack patterns.

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What is the strongest Dragon Priest Mask?
The strongest Dragon Priest mask in terms of raw armor rating is the Nahkriin mask. However, the strength of the masks often depends on the specific playstyle and build of the player character. Different masks offer different enchantments and abilities, so the “strongest” mask can vary depending on your preferences and strategy.

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