Top Ranked Soulslikes for Beginners: Navigating the Best Entry Points

The Rise of Beginner-Friendly Soulslikes: Navigating the Growing Landscape

Introduction- About Soulslikes

The surge in popularity of the Soulslike genre has resulted in a plethora of choices for gamers. However, for beginners, the challenge lies in selecting a game that offers an entry point without overwhelming difficulty. This article explores some standout Soulslike games suitable for newcomers to the genre.

Top Ranked Soulslikes for Beginners: Navigating the Best Entry Points
Top Ranked Soulslikes for Beginners: Navigating the Best Entry Points

Darksiders 3: A Departure with Promise

Darksiders 3 marked a significant departure from its predecessors by embracing a Soulslike combat experience. While this change divided fans, those who embrace it will discover a game that strikes a balance between challenge and accessibility. Bugs that once hindered the experience have largely been resolved, making Darksiders 3 a viable choice for those new to the genre.

Mortal Shell: Unveiling a Unique Experience

Mortal Shell presents an accessible entry into the Soulslike realm with innovative concepts and a distinct Hardening mechanic. This feature offers newcomers the ability to engage in combat with greater ease. The ability to trigger this mechanic strategically adds depth to battles, making Mortal Shell an engaging experience. Its relatively short duration further ensures that beginners can explore the genre without feeling overwhelmed.

The Surge 2: Enhanced Accessibility and Exploration

The Surge 2 builds upon its predecessor’s foundation, addressing previous issues to create a more responsive combat system and immersive exploration. While boss encounters may still fall short of perfection, the overall experience is notably more approachable. The Surge 2 offers beginners a chance to delve into a Soulslike adventure with improved mechanics and a focus on exploration.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: A Galaxy of Opportunity

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order offers a blend of Soulslike combat and the iconic Star Wars universe. Despite a rocky launch, the game has been polished, providing a compelling experience for those seeking accessible gameplay within the genre. With engaging combat and a rewarding lightsaber parry system, Fallen Order is an ideal choice for players looking for a unique twist on the Soulslike formula.

Top Ranked Soulslikes for Beginners: Navigating the Best Entry Points
Top Ranked Soulslikes for Beginners: Navigating the Best Entry Points

Tunic: Nostalgia and Innovation in Harmony

Tunic stands out as an indie gem that pays homage to gaming’s past while delivering fresh gameplay experiences. The title’s puzzles and symbol deciphering mechanics challenge players’ minds, while its distinct visual design captivates their eyes. Although inspired by the Souls series, Tunic offers accessibility options to tailor the difficulty, ensuring beginners can appreciate its unique qualities without feeling overwhelmed.

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Hollow Knight: A Narrative-Driven Soulslike Journey

Hollow Knight impresses with its rich environmental storytelling, immersing players in a world grappling with a mysterious infection. The sequel’s anticipation speaks to the game’s emotional depth and intricate narrative. While not solely a story-driven title, Hollow Knight’s combination of engrossing world-building and Soulslike elements provides a balanced experience for those new to the genre.

Elden Ring: A Bridge Between Accessibility and Challenge

Elden Ring, while not a traditional Soulslike, inherits the series’ combat mechanics, offering an accessible route into the genre. Players can explore freely and find solace in alternative activities when faced with difficulty spikes. With abundant summoning options and diverse build choices, Elden Ring accommodates a wide range of playstyles, making it a suitable starting point for newcomers to the Soulslike landscape.


The popularity of Soulslike games has led to an overwhelming variety of options, making it crucial for beginners to select games that strike a balance between challenge and accessibility. Darksiders 3, Mortal Shell, The Surge 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Tunic, Hollow Knight, and Elden Ring all offer unique entry points into the genre, providing newcomers with an opportunity to explore the exhilarating world of Soulslike gameplay without feeling discouraged by excessive difficulty.

FQA- About Soulslikes

What defines a Soulslike?

A “Soulslike” is an action role-playing game (ARPG) subgenre that takes design cues from the FromSoftware “Souls” series, notably titles like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Soulslike games are characterized by difficult combat, methodical gameplay, linked world design, scarce resources, high difficulty, and a focus on player skill and making errors.

What is the best Soulslike?

The “best” Soulslike is a matter of opinion and is prone to change according on one’s preferences. The popular Souls-like game series Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are a few instances of well-liked ones.

Is Ghostrunner Soulslike?

Yes, because of its difficult fighting, one-hit-kill rules, complicated level design, and rigorous player skill requirements, Ghostrunner is frequently compared to Souls.

Who plays Dark Souls the best?

It’s unclear what you mean when you say “best Dark Souls.” There are differing views on which game in the Dark Souls series is the greatest. All of the Dark Souls games—Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, and even Demon’s Souls—are well-liked in their own respects.

The creator of Dark Souls?

FromSoftware, a Japanese video game studio well-known for its work on several action RPGs, created Dark Souls.

What are the features of Soulslike?

  1. The following are some of the main characteristics of souls-like games:
  2. fight that is difficult with adversaries that need strategy and accuracy.
  3. High degree of difficulty with harsh penalties for errors.
  4. Resources that are scarce and therapeutic tools that demand cautious control.
  5. design of a linked universe with shortcuts and secret routes.
  6. a focus on discovery of mythology, adventure, and environmental narrative.
  7. a powerful sensation of satisfaction after conquering obstacles.

Are Oldest Souls like Souls?

Eldest Souls is regarded as a Soulslike game since it includes many of the characteristics that make up the genre, including difficult boss fights, complex combat, and a high degree of difficulty.

What does Dark Souls entail?

Action RPG game Dark Souls is regarded as a milestone because of its difficult gameplay, tough level design, and rich mythology.

What Dark Souls game is the oldest?

The first game in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls, was out in 2011.

Is Demon’s Souls the original?

Yes, Demon’s Souls, which came out in 2009 (2010 in the West), was the inspiration for the Dark Souls series and is sometimes given the credit for creating the Souls-like genre.

Is Eldest Soul difficult?

Yes, Eldest Souls is renowned for its severe difficulty, which is a trait of games that are similar to Souls.

Is Wild Hearts Soulslike?

No, Sayonara Wild Hearts is not a game that is similar to Souls. It has a distinct gameplay mechanic and is more of an action game centered on rhythm..

Is Soulslike a real genre?

Yes, Soulslike is a well-known action RPG subgenre distinguished by the traits listed above.

Is Tunic Soulslike?

Tunic combines various aspects while drawing influence from the Souls-like genre for its difficult fighting. Although there are some parallels, it is not a typical Souls-style game.

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