Game-Changer: Netflix Users Can Now Stream Games to Their TV Screens

Game-Changer: Netflix Users Can Now Stream Games to Their TV Screens

Netflix has unveiled its inaugural public beta for its cloud gaming services, marking a significant step in the company’s gaming endeavors. This move comes on the heels of Netflix Games’ launch in 2021 and the recent rollout of the official Netflix Game Controller iOS app. Although the app’s debut hinted at Netflix’s intentions for cloud gaming, the surprise launch of the beta has garnered considerable attention.

The Vice President of Gaming at Netflix, Mike Verdu, made the announcement via a blog post on August 14, catching the industry off guard. The cloud gaming beta is now accessible to a limited group of subscribers located in the UK and Canada. Despite the absence of specific participation numbers in Verdu’s post, eligible subscribers can currently engage in gameplay. The initial lineup includes two games: the renowned 2016 title “Oxenfree” by Night School Studio and the all-new arcade gem-mining adventure “Molehew’s Mining Adventure.” Commencing on the same day as the announcement, the beta period is anticipated to extend over the upcoming weeks, although an exact end date has not been disclosed.

Game-Changer: Netflix Users Can Now Stream Games to Their TV Screens
Game-Changer: Netflix Users Can Now Stream Games to Their TV Screens


Netflix Games streaming is available for select users and devices

Users of both PC and Mac systems who navigate to can delve into gameplay using the traditional setup of a mouse and keyboard. On the other hand, the dedicated Netflix Controller app empowers users to experience these games on specifically designated televisions and devices. This compatibility extends to a range of platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, Walmart ONN, Roku devices, as well as LG and Samsung smart TVs. Moreover, the official announcement also indicated that Netflix has plans in place to expand the list of supported devices in the near future.

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According to insights provided by Mike Verdu, Netflix’s Vice President of Gaming, the overarching aim is to provide subscribers with a seamless and accessible gaming experience within the familiar terrain of their Netflix usage. While mobile device users have already been enjoying the realm of Netflix Games, this beta launch represents a significant advancement towards realizing Netflix’s gaming aspirations. Despite this noteworthy achievement, Verdu recognizes that Netflix’s journey in the gaming landscape is extensive and multifaceted, with the current beta phase representing only a single segment of this broader undertaking.

Netflix is expanding its gaming offerings to encompass a wider range of devices, breaking away from its previous availability solely on iOS and Android platforms. The streaming giant is now leveraging its innovative streaming technology to initiate public trials of its games on television sets and computers.

Mike Verdu, the Vice-President of Games at Netflix, expressed the company’s ambition in a recent blog post, emphasizing their commitment to delivering a diverse gaming portfolio that’s easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into members’ entertainment experience. Verdu stated, “Our goal has always been to have a game for everyone, and we are working hard to meet members where they are with an accessible, smooth and ubiquitous service. Today, we’re taking the first step in making games playable on every device where our members enjoy Netflix.”

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At the initial phase of this test, the offerings are relatively limited. The early selection comprises just two games: “Oxenfree” (released as the inaugural game from Netflix’s in-house studio) and the gem-mining arcade title “Molehew’s Mining Adventure.”

Currently, the beta access is exclusively granted to a select group of Netflix subscribers based in the UK and Canada. These subscribers can access the gaming experience through Amazon Fire TV streaming media players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, NVIDIA Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung smart TVs, as well as Walmart ONN. However, Netflix plans to progressively expand its device compatibility.

To facilitate gaming on television screens, Netflix has rolled out a newly released controller app. Upon game selection, your TV screen will display a QR code, which can be scanned by your smartphone to act as your controller.

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In addition to TV-based gaming, Netflix is also making these games available for trial on their website via compatible desktop browsers in the coming weeks. This allows users to employ their keyboard and mouse for game control when playing on PCs and Macs.

The primary goal of this testing phase is to rigorously assess the functionality of Netflix’s game streaming technology and the efficiency of their controller app. However, due to the intricate nature of rights agreements with various game publishers, it remains unclear whether all games within Netflix’s library will eventually become accessible on TVs and web browsers. Certain games, such as “Kentucky Route Zero,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge,” and “Immortality,” require a Netflix subscription for native gameplay on mobile devices, but they are also available on alternative platforms. In any case, Netflix’s entry into the cloud gaming arena signals a significant addition to the industry landscape.


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