Unearth Hidden Gems: PS1 Titles for Soulslike Fans

  • A pleasant option for fans of the series, PS1 games featured the same degree of challenge as the demanding Soulsborne trilogy.
  • Fans of the Soulsborne series should check out games like Parasite Eve, Shadow Tower, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Dragon Quest 7, Echo Night, and Nightmare Creatures since they have similarities to the Soulsborne series.

Exploring PS1 Games That Appeal to Soulslike Fans

While the original PlayStation console predates the Dark Souls franchise, it remains a treasure trove for fans of challenging gameplay. Unlike today’s average games, which often lean towards lower difficulty levels, PS1 games from that era offered a closer match to the punishing difficulty of Soulsborne titles. Here, we delve into a selection of PS1 games that will captivate the Soulslike community with their formidable challenges and rich narratives.

Unearth Hidden Gems: PS1 Titles for Soulslike Fans
Unearth Hidden Gems: PS1 Titles for Soulslike Fans

King’s Field: A Soulslike Origin Story

It’s no surprise that “King’s Field” is often regarded as the quintessential PS1 game for Soulslike enthusiasts, given its roots. Developed by FromSoftware, the same studio behind the Soulsborne series, “King’s Field” marked their foray into video games, debuting as a launch title for the original PlayStation. Players assume the role of Jean Alfred Forrester, embarking on a quest to find his missing father in an underground graveyard. The game offers a relentless onslaught of enemies and formidable difficulty—a hallmark of FromSoftware’s games. Remarkably, the King’s Field franchise served as a precursor to the development of Dark Souls and other renowned titles. All three entries in the series remain exclusive to the PS1, untouched by remakes.

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Parasite Eve: A Unique Blend of Survival Horror and RPG

Parasite Eve” dared to be different during the PS1 era, fusing survival horror with RPG elements. Set in a dark and lore-heavy world, it presents players with a unique narrative set in New York City, casting them as a police officer investigating a supernatural mystery. Despite its distinctive approach, the game features ghoulish adversaries, a gripping storyline, and cinematic flair, all of which laid the foundation for modern horror games. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or not, “Parasite Eve” is an experience worth exploring.

Shadow Tower: Another Hidden Gem by From Software

“Shadow Tower,” also developed by From Software, saw its release in 1998 and bore similarities to “King’s Field.” Players find themselves in a dungeon-crawling adventure, controlling a mercenary tasked with rescuing his city, inexplicably relocated underground. Set in the fictional continent of Eclipse, the game introduces dark, magical swords and demonic foes, providing another early adventure from From Software that should not be overlooked by Soulsborne fans.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – A Stealthy Twist on Soulslike Level Design

While the first installment of the “Tenchu” series might seem like an unconventional choice for comparison to Soulsborne games, it holds a significant connection in terms of level design. Released in 1998, “Tenchu” challenges players with navigating eleven sandbox levels teeming with enemies. It evaluates their performance based on stealth and non-stealth kills, echoing the level-based structure that Soulsborne enthusiasts appreciate. While the combat differs, the Tenchu series offers an engaging experience, albeit without modern remasters for broader accessibility.

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Dragon Quest 7: An Epic RPG Adventure

For those seeking a vast and lore-rich RPG experience that rivals the depth of Soulsborne worlds, “Dragon Quest 7” is an exceptional choice. Recently remade, this game boasts an expansive world that surpasses even the most intricate Soulsborne settings. With an extended intro and a multitude of quests across the continent of Estard, it offers an immersive journey that will captivate players eager for an older title with substantial content.

Echo Night: A Spooky Prelude to Dark Souls

“Echo Night,” a game series by From Software predating Dark Souls, holds an eerie charm and potentially inspired elements of the Dark Souls franchise. These adventure games explore mysterious and supernatural themes. The plot centers on a man searching for a missing ship while uncovering enigmatic forces at play. Though not considered one of From Software’s best early efforts, “Echo Night” offers a glimpse into the studio’s early inspirations that paved the way for Dark Souls.

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Nightmare Creatures: A Gothic Survival Horror Gem

“Nighmare Creatures” stands out as a survival horror game with monster designs reminiscent of Soulsborne enemies. Drawing inspiration from 19th-century gothic horror, it grants players control over both firearms and magical abilities, making it a PS1 equivalent of “Bloodborne.” The game’s eerie atmosphere, gameplay similarities, and engrossing storyline make it a must-try for fans of Bloodborne, set in 1834 London amidst a sinister cult’s activities.

In summary, the PlayStation 1 era offers a treasure trove of challenging and captivating games for Soulslike enthusiasts. From the early works of FromSoftware to unique blends of genres, these titles provide a compelling and nostalgic experience that will resonate with fans of the Soulsborne franchise.

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